Tilapia Aquaculture

You will find tilapia raised in different countries around the globe, but as a point of reference, they are native to Africa and the Middle East. Having a high protein content, it is one of the most nutritious fish in the world. Add a flavor profile that is best described as mild, “clean” sweet taste, you now can understand why it has ascended to a position a top five consumed seafood.
Tilapia, because of its popularity has become one of the most important fish worldwide. To meet this demand producers have turned to aquaculture. This is a process of rearing or growing of aquatic animals.
From the production side Tilapia is one of the easiest fish to farm:

1. They breed easily, ensuring production.
3. Their mode of reproduction does not pass through a planktonic phase.
4. They have a good tolerance to high stocking density.
5. They grow rapidly.