Summer Seafood Platter



2 cooked lobsters, cleaned
Abundant crushed ice
16 to 24 raw oysters, shucked
Several fresh, cooked crabs (use king crab legs, dressed crab)
1 pound best-quality cooked, shell-on, or tail-only shrimp
Other cooked and chilled shellfish as available, such as stone crab claws, clams, mussels, winkles (serve with toothpicks), or crayfish
Fresh seaweed or curly kale, for garnishing the platter
The dipping sauce or sauces of your choice



Remove the tail meat of the lobsters in one piece. Halve each tail lengthwise and slice crosswise about 3/8-inch thick.
Pierce each piece with toothpicks.
Crack the lobster claws (save the heads and tentacles for decoration).
Mound the platter(s) with crushed ice.
Begin adding and arranging the shellfish artistically, using the lobster heads as centerpieces.
Group each type of shellfish together, rather than mixing them up.
Fill in the gaps with bits of seaweed or kale, making it look like the bottom of the ocean. Serve.