Myths About Aquaculture

Many myths surround aquaculture. Some of these are prejudices that have persisted since the beginnings of commercial aquaculture. In the meantime, however, there has been a great deal of progress in the sector, which has been facilitated and supported by the various standards (GLOBALG.A.P., ASC, Bio, etc.). We have collected the most common prejudices with regard to aquaculture and have taken a closer look at which myths are true and which ones are false.

1.-Aquaculture is large-scale fish farming under water.
2.-Fish from quaculture is contaminated with residues of antibiotics and chemicals.
3.-Aquaculture facilities pollute nature.
4.-Aquaculture intensifies overfishing of the seas.
5.-Aquaculture has a high water consumption.
6.-Aquaculture has a high energy consumption.
7.-Important natural areas are destroyed for aquaculture.
8.-The escape of farmed fish into the wilderness destroys the local ecosystem.
9.-Aquaculture facilities destroy traditional forms of farming.
10.-Certification is a market barrier for small farmers.

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