History Of Aquaculture

– 3500 B.C: China was the first country to farm fish. They cultivated carp with freshwater ponds and rice paddies.
– 1733: Fish farming in its modern form begins when a German farmer successfully gathers trout eggs, fertilizes them, and then grows the hatched fish to maturity.
– 1853: An Ohio trout farm becomes the first in the U.S to artificially fertilize its fish eggs.
– 1909: The first commercial trout farm in the U.S established in Idaho.
– The 1930s : President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Farm Pong Program, encourages the growth of the U.S aquaculture industry by providing federal subsidies for building and stocking fishponds on farms.
-1950: State and federal hatcheries in the U.S. develop channel catfish farming techniques.
– The 1970s : U.S. catfish farm acreage grows from 400 acres in 1960 to 40,000 in 1970.
– The 1980s : The National Aquaculture Act of 1980 is passed in the U.S. to provide for the development of the aquaculture industry.
– 2005: Annual earnings for Alabama catfish farmers exceeds $98 million
– 2012: Worldwide annual revenue from farmed tilapia hits $8 Billion
– 2014: Aquaculture surpasses wild caught as the primary source of seafood for human consumption