Benefits of Tilapia fish for your health

  • Body Growth and development
  1. Tilapia maintains a low scale on fat and calories thus helps our body from aging by reducing any such symptoms.
  2. It helps in reducing cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels as tilapia is not a reliable source of omega-3 fatty acids. Which is a fat found in most species of fish (salmon etc.), and so it controls the cholesterol level in human body.
  3. Boost our immune system as it doesn’t contain much fat.

Tilapia is a low calorie and high protein food and it helps in the calorie burning process and hence helps in reduction of body weight.

  • Strengthens Bone

Tilapia is rich in minerals, proteins and vitamins which strengthen our bone health and further reduce the risk of Osteoporosis. It boosts muscle growth in body and also helps in cellular repair and maintain proper metabolic activity.

It’s good for a thyroid patient to add tilapia on their diet list.

Numerous benefits of Tilapia have been observed over the years and people love it because of its richness in nutrients. However, questions are raised from time to time against the aquatic farming of fish. Tilapia is fed a grain a grain- based diet. Also, environmental factors can be controlled by raising a fish in a healthy aquatic environment, and by avoiding usage of drug hormones, water-pollutants etc. There are such HACCP certified firms that seriously concentrates on environment and consumer safety by adapting cutting-edge techniques etc. It’s all their responsibility to raise a healthy Tilapia fish for consumer without causing a negative impact on environment. So, fish lovers do have plenty of excuses to have this delicious fish.

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