Benefits of Tilapia

Benefits of Tilapia - AquaBest Seafood

low-calorie fish were a significant product in Middle East and African region but with span of time this has been accepted worldwide. Tilapia can be raised in shallow water environments like streams, pond, lakes and rivers etc, and are very affordable in price. A large amount of tilapia’s production in Asia and fresh Tilapia from Latin America is imported to the US because of the huge demand. It’s enticing for people who prefer mild flavors over that typical fishy taste.

Tilapia, a very popular sea food, being rich in nutrients, minerals and vitamins has plenty of benefits. Here are a few benefits of having Tilapia.


Tilapia contains three vital essentials namely Nutrients, Vitamins and minerals.

Nutrients content – Protein -40%, Calories – 5% and fat – 3%

Vitamins content – Vitamin B12 – 26%, Niacin – 20%, Vitamin B6 – 8%

Minerals Content – Selenium – 60%, Phosphorus – 17%, Potassium – 9%