AquaBest Seafood LLC Colombia is the premium producer of fresh Tilapia & Rainbow Trout

In 2009 AquaBest Seafood LLC was established in the USA as a partnership creating a vertical integration with producer Proceal of Colombia. Proceal’s plant is state of the art, using cutting-edge techniques coupled with HACCP certified processes to ensure accountability and consumer safety. Vertical integrated delivers consistent quality of products, as we closely monitor each step, covering the process from farm, to plant, to you. This combination gives us a competitive edge as a producer allowing us to cut, process and package to customers’ specifications.

Our certifications ensure that our fish are raised in an environmental friendly way, so that the final product is healthy and wholesome. The farming is done in low impact style and the feed provided to the fish is a combination of natural products using fish meal, soybeans, corn or rice. As a company, we are committed to providing healthy seafood so chemicals and antibiotics are never used. In addition AquaBest Seafood LLC worked with local officials to create laws drafted for community rights, safety of workers and child labor.

AquaBest Seafood LLC is dedicated to conserve the earth’s resources and responsibly utilize them so that coming generations are benefitted in every way. Certifications from BAP two Star, HACCP, and ASC ensures company harvests environmentally safe products, which are guaranteed fresh.

Here we grow again, this time with high quality frozen imports

Aquabest is a company which is passionately dedicated to harvesting and processing Colombian farm-raised Tilapia and Rainbow Trout. But with growth comes opportunity and we are now importing frozen products to meet our customers’ demands. We have selected a limited line of imported frozen products that meet the same rigorous quality standards as our Colombian farm-raised Tilapia and Rainbow Trout. We now import frozen Octopus, Shrimp, Tuna, Mahi, Trout, Red Snapper, Tilapia, Canadian Lobster tails and fresh Blue crab meat.

Best Tilapia Producer in Colombia
Best Tilapia Producer in Colombia